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apprentice program

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If you are looking for a place to call home and not feel alone as you complete your Pilates hours, where you will have community and support, you have found your place. 

Our Family Welcomes You!

Essential Training Requirements

All basic Pilates teacher trainings should cover within their modules:

  • Basic biomechanics and basic anatomy
  • Pilates principles and pre-Pilates exercises
  • Safety issues on equipment
  • Choreography, contraindications, set up, muscles activated and breathing patterns of Pilates exercises
  • Intro to protocols for pregnancy, osteoporosis, basic back problems
  • Intro to teaching techniques

There are 11 Balanced Body modules to complete.

65 hours of observation are required

You need to take 85 hours of lessons from another instructor.

You are required to teach clients for 250 hours.

Extras Our Studio provides

There are some aspects of learning that just can’t be acquired any other way than to be physically present in our studio.  Here is a short list of