"The personal instruction and experience that Katrina Foe provided was AMAZING! It was truly one of the best training modules that I have participated in, and I enjoyed Katrina’s passion, excitement and energy. I also appreciated her personal stories and connections with Joseph Pilate’s proteges, and felt a much deeper connection to his legacy and the history of Plates."

"Katrina is the best!! Great communication skills, thorough knowledge of the subject matter, incredible cueing and visual imagery presentation!"

"Excellent class. Katrina is a wonderful teacher. Explanations are very clear, questions are encouraged and answered thoroughly and thoughtfully. I would love to take another class from her."

“Katrina Foe is as gifted with her knowledge as she is with her genuine graciousness. Katrina has an exceptional understanding of the muscles and how they work and apply to exercises. Working hands on with the clay was extremely helpful to grasp a better understanding of the muscles. I truely enjoyed this class and highly recommend taking it with Katrina. Katrina was super generous with her time. Thanks Katrina!”

"Katrina was absoluetly Great!! She is very knowledgable and made me feel at ease!She was so friendly and welcoming that I really took away more from the class than mat information – I truly had a great experience and am looking forward to learning much more!!"

"Katrina is an incredible instructor. She explains concepts thoroughly and is a master at cueing and visual imagery. I can’t wait to take the rest of the coursework!"

"Katrina is a fabulous teacher who gives more information than even the book. She is constantly giving extra modifications to make the exercise both easier and harder. I would highly recommend her to anyone."

"Katrina is an excellent teacher. She is very good at sharing her knowledge and many years of experience with her students. She’s excited about Pilates and that energy comes across….I look forward to my next module."

"Experiential learning is the best and Katrina did an excellent job. I especially loved how she was able to tie the anatomy to movement and make important connections that enhanced the learning situation. Thank you!!"

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